Shareholder services

AXA Equitable Holdings, Inc. Shareholders

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of AXA Equitable Holdings, Inc. On May 10, 2018, shares of AXA Equitable Holdings’ common stock began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “EQH”. If you are a shareholder of AXA Equitable Holdings and have questions or require assistance with your shares, please review the details at the following link AXA Equitable Holdings - Transfer Agent.

MONY Shareholders (circa 2004)

In 2004, AXA Financial completed the acquisition MONY Group, Inc. If you have questions about your shareholding or if you have MONY stock certificates and would like to receive your merger consideration, please contact Computershare at or (800) 437-8736. 

AXA Financial Shareholders (pre-2001)

On January 1, 2001, AXA Group acquired shares of AXA Financial by exchanging cash and AXA American Depositary Shares ("ADS") in return for the outstanding shares of AXA Financial. If you have questions about how this transaction affected your shareholding, contact Computershare at or (800) 437-8736. If you hold physical share certificates, contact Computershare at (866) 567-6637. If your shares are held at a broker, please contact your broker.